Tangerine’s winter guide to wellness and beauty

Ugg boots are out, so are jackets, mittens, stoles and cardigans. And we reckon, lip balm, cold cream and jars of body lotion. Everyone’s favourite season is here, and while you enjoy the nippy chill in the air, here are a few quick tips to remain warm and well this winter.

good looks winter
Beauty goals this winter

Moisturize like your life depends on it

moisturize 1
Go ahead. Take a dollop extra if you want.

Stock up on your favourite creams, and use copiously, especially after you have done a cleansing ritual. Dry skin is one of the few issues with winter months, but a quality moisturizer is the perfect solution to all chapped woes. Richer, thicker skin creams usually fit the bill for winter skincare. Do keep a lookout for breakouts – using incompatible brands can lead to blocked pores. For holistic care of your skin, visit Tangerine for skincare treatments. Winter demands you go that extra mile.


Don’t forget to drink water

It’s easy to forget to drink water when one isn’t sweating. But the body, especially the skin in particular, requires hydration, even in the coldest of winters. Install a water reminder app, or just keep a bottle in your sight. Add a dash of lemon for the extra detox effect.

water drinking app
Go smart. Use reminder apps to drink water regularly.

Take care of those locks Rapunzel

Hair can get distressed in winter, especially under a woollen cap worn over a long duration. Soothe your stricken mane with warm coconut oil onto the scalp. Leave the oil overnight and then shampoo+condition in the morning. For specialised hair care, check out Tangerine’s exhaustive range of hair products and hair treatment procedures. Consult our hair expert for more details.

winter hair
Winter doesn’t mean gloomy hair. Take extra care of those tresses in these months.

Turn down the heat

Keep the shower temperature as lukewarm as you can afford. Steaming hot water strips your skin and hair of natural oils, and leaves you itchy and dry. It doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself with icecold water every time you bathe. Just keep your bathing time short and sweet to minimize the damage. Let’s shift bathroom singing to some other venue, shall we?

For skin right out of tropics, you musy use lukewarm bathing water.

Under all the leather and wool, wear something soft and gentle

Dressing up stylishly during the winters is always a cakewalk. Of course, a cake with lot of layers. We all love to spend hours in front of the mirror mixing and matching between all the sassy boots, decadent jackets, stylish scarves and so much more. But make sure the innermost layer is a soft and gentle garment. Invest in premium thermalwear, and avoid abrasive woollens in touch with your skin.

winter layers
Stay comfortable outside, and within.

To know more about caring for skin and hair during the winter, as well as for styling guidance during the season, get in touch with Tangerine the Boutique Salon. We are present in Civil Lines, Jaipur. You can also drop in a message on our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/Tangerine-The-Boutique-Salon

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