Hair Washing Basics

We all love the salon-style hair, emerging out of the salon we all love our joyfully bouncy hair! How if we could get this hair after every wash – afterall, the salon stylists use no magic but a tried and tested technique to give you that beautiful hair everytime.

A little more attention to how you wash your hair, a few tricks, a few knicks there, and there will be a helluva difference your hair feels and stays after a hair wash.

Here are 5 handy tips to say goodbye to bad hair days forever.

1.Rinse your hair thoroughly, and rinse with warm water

hair wash 3.jpg

Hair should be thoroughly wet before you add your shampoo. Preferably do it with lukewarm water. Hot water opens up your hair cuticles, which will facilitate the removing of dirt or product trapped in hair. Also, the oils in your scalp get loosened and absorbed by the cuticle. Make sure the hair is only tepid and not hot. Hot wait can strip your hair of moisture.

2. Lather up from roots onwards. Be gentle.

hair wash 5.jpg

The hair closest to the scalp is the youngest and will inevitably be the oiliest, and you need to show your love there. The best way to lather up is from roots to ends.  Be gentle. Don’t pile your hair on top and scrub it, as this will only create knots. Work the shampoo gently down to the ends of your hair and rinse thoroughly.
P.S – If you use a product heavy shampoo, use a clarifying shampoo from time to time to free your hair from the buildup.


3. Conditioning is trickier than you think

hair wash 4

Ever wondered why your scalp feels heavy and itchy after a wash. It’s probably you are using conditioner there. Start conditioning from the mid-lengths and go well to the ends. Comb your hair with a wide toothed comb, and let the conditioner work its magic for a while, at least a minute, before you rinse it off. The longer the better.


4. Finish with a cold water rinse

hair wash 2
Cold water will shut the cuticle tight, sealing the shingle-like outer layer, which will cause it to reflect the most light and give off the most shine.


5. Skip towel drying. Let air work its way.

hair wash 6

Hair is sensitive and fragile after a wash. Avoid rubbing with towel or rubbing it dry. Instead, simply press a towel on your hair.


For best results, don’t shampoo your hair every day. Wash your hair on alternative days, and make sure to get regular hair trims, and hair spa to maintain shiny and healthy hair. Get in touch with Tangerine to know more about hair care, or just in case you want to inquire about getting yourself a new hairstyle.

photo 2
Shining hair is now a wash away.

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