A guide to acing the summers – #TangerineTips

Summer is out in full swing, and while all of us are enjoying our cotton clothes and mango shakes, this is also a season to care for yourself a little extra. The heat makes you sweat, temperature differences between air conditioned interiors and outside makes you susceptible to falling ill, and of course at the end of the day you are tired.

Here are a few handy #TangerineTips to make sure you ace your mind, body, skin and clothes this summer of 2018, and step into autumn a few months from now like the diva you are!

Acing summer skin

  • Every day caring:Your skin is constantly being hammered by harmful UV rays and heat, and even the ac doesn’t make it better – further removing hydration from your skin. Don’t wash your face too often, it rips away moisture. Instead, wash your face gently in the morning, and apply an appropriate sunscreen (SPF 40 or more) before stepping out. Don’t forget to apply on your neck, arms and hands too. Mositurize your skin after you take a bath or go to bed.
  • DIY for your skin this summer: Some excellent detanning recipes that you can do at home itself are: Sandalwood packs+rosewater, lemon juice, aloe vera gel, turmeric+yoghurt. Do mention in comments which ones are your go-to face packs to take off that tan! Try cooling masks with cucumber and lemon juice paste. Rub watermelon skin on your face. Strawberry + sugar + coconut oil make an excellent summer DIY scrub!

    Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 2.12.09 AM.png
    Your kitchen has more ingredients for your skin this summer than you can think of!
  • On weekends, we advise you to rejuvenate your skin properly by going for a skin treatment. You can check out facials and other regimes powered by Dermalogica, Forest Essentials and other top skincare brands.
  • Also, drink water every half an hour. Moms and grandmoms have always been right, half of the health problems will dissolve if you just drink enough water! food-for-Summer

Acing summer hair 

  • Adopt sun-dried, carefree hair this season, and let the straightener rest in the back of your wardrobe.
  • The sun damages your hair too, not just your skin, making your hair dull, fragile and prone to break. Opt for regular oiling to keep hair healthy, even if you are too lazy to do that at the end of the day. If the damage is getting more difficult headscarvestomanage, you can buy a scalp sunblock, but ideally some amount of head coverage under heat (stylish that too, such as the scarves in the pic) and regular oiling+shampoo+conditioning will take care of problems.
  • We advise you to go for hair treatment at Tangerine The Boutique Salon according to the nature of your hair damage. Our stylists can help you choose the treatment that’s ideal for your damage type. Contact on +91 7737055661 ‬/ 0141 2223744
  • It’s also the perfect weather to go for buns, ponytails and braids, since you don’t want your hair to get drenched in your own sweat (eeuw, we know). Meghan Markle’s bun with a few wisps of hair on the sides is what we are thinking of. Or the fishtail we recently worked on one of our clients.
  • Colour palette for summer hair: 2018 summer is all about golden tones that warm up the skin and give a sun-kissed look. One can always throw in a second attractive shade in there. We have done some fantastic balayage work on our clients in the last few days. Check them out on https://www.instagram.com/tangerinetheboutiquesalon/


Acing summer makeup

  • The sun is a wonderful filter for all summer photographs, but it also gives smeared eyeliners, sticky contours, and melting lipstick if you don’t choose the right brands (and technique).
  • Never say no to a primer during summer, as it will hold everything together. Keep things light to avoid creasing, so avoid heavy cream foundations. Go for all things powdery, as the humidity will weigh down everything otherwise.
  • Natural glow is the key in the summer make up.
  • Play with livelier colours to complement the mood of the season. We are talking eye shadow, lip colour, and the make up palette.
    Natural summer make-up with pasteldominating the palette.

Acing summer diet

  • While winter takes one’s appetite a few notches above, summers and sarson ka saag don’t exactly go well. Summers is all about lighter meals with plenty of fruits and veggies with high water content that aids hydration. Eatingsmaller, lighter meals with avoid acidity and not make you lethargic0023ae69624d152f026e49
  • High heat and heavy food can leave you with an upset stomach – so make sure none of your meals are high on fat. Fruits and veggies with high fiber makes your digestion system stronger. Avoid fries and junk food as they require a lot from the body to process, including water. download (1)
  • Include probiotics in your meal – the good old curd has immense benefits. It introduces friendly bacteria to your gut.
  • Include plenty of vitamin C in your diet with oranges, and other citrus foods. They help reverse skin damage due to sun.

Acing summer fashion 

  • Summer is the season of fun and frivolity, so toss out everything clunky and boring from your wardrobe (except for very serious meetings, of course).
Khadi dress by Nicobar
  • Invest in a good pair of sunglasses that complement your face cut. Here is a handy guide. https://www.evo.com/guides/how-to-find-sunglasses-style-fit-face-shape
  • Summer in India is all about the right fabric. Invest in cotton dresses, and you don’t have to wear boring salwar kameez. Block printed dresses, kaftans, cuolettes are all the rage these days.
    Kolhapuris – Tjori


  • Appropriate footwear that let your feet breathe are non-negotiables. Chappals, flat sandals, kolhapuris




  • Wear lighter, brighter shades like yellows, whites, sky blues and oranges. No other season where you can pull them off. If runways are any hint, sherbert shades ruled Tom Ford, Hermes and Versace. So take your pick!Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 1.56.21 AM

Feel free to reach out to us for any inputs, advice (or criticism) on how we think you can rock the summers. Of course, summers are incomplete without a hair cut or hair colour or skin/hair treatment at Tangerine. We are at 5 Ghanerao House, Jacob Street, Civil Lines, Jaipur. Book appointment on +91 7737055661 ‬/ 0141 2223744

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