Big prep for the big day – How to be your best bridal self?

As the countdown to your d-day has begun, you have started a whole lot of preparations for your wedding trousseau, jewellery and a million other different things. However, at this moment, it is important that as a bride to be you pay utmost care to your body from head to toe. You want to walk around the sacred fire, glowing as luminously as the flames solemnizing your wedding rites. Now, that will take some hard work. But we want to make it easy for you in this step by step guide of bridal self preparation. Don’t worry, it isn’t all hard work, but is also a lot of pampering!


Here goes the quick list of things to do as a bride to be:





Watch what you eat, and that’s not just for your weight


Super foods such as almonds, cucumbers, spinach, high citrus fruits, green veggies contain omega oils that will give your skin the extra shine with every passing day. Cut down on your caffeine, salt and sugar. And while all your friends would want to party more with you, look out for alcohol consumption. A cocktail once in a while will do. Beer every day, no way!


Be a water loving bride


Consciously drink more water than you usually do. The elixir of life is also the elixir of beauty and most of your skin problems and bloating issues resolve faster if you drink enough water. All the stress and running around may mean that it becomes a difficult task to do so, so just in case carry a bottle around, and install a drinking reminder app.


Rapunzel needs her Vitamin B and deep conditioning

 hair wash 4

Your hair will be one of your best accessories on your wedding. Make sure you give them the love and devotion they rightfully deserve. Food rich in vitamin B will bring out your hair’s natural shine. Include low fat dairy, seafood, liver, oats, eggs, and almonds in your diet. Bring home some biotin supplements too.


Deep conditioning Hair pack ideas 

Also, give your hair regular deep conditioning treatments at a salon of your choice. At home, give yourself the love of regular oiling and DYI hairpacks. More on that in a blog later, but for now a quick google search will throw some amazing hair pack ideas using kitchen ingredients.

Don’t forget to cover your hair while stepping out!


Let’s get you luscious lips


Apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 on your lips while stepping out. At night, before going to sleep, rub some warm ghee with a few drops of olive oil to remove discoloured patches and bring softness back to your lips. You can also exfoliate your lips with brown sugar once in a while with a soft bristle brush.


Put your best feet forward


Walking down the aisle in a beautiful lehanga, with cracked heels and rough feet? Nah. Don’t rely on last minute pedicure to take care of your feet. Start taking care of your feet months in advance. Schedule regular pedicures at your salon, and keep doing simple home pedicure rituals to fill in the gaps. A grandma’s secret to lotus feet – apply ample amount of petroleum jelly before going to sleep


Dream bridal body needs work


Workouts should become a regular part of your regime, even if you are fit. Because not only the sweating is a great way to get rid of toxins, but a little toning up will make your wedding ensemble look flawless on you.

As far as the skin of your body is concerned, exfoliate religiously. Pay extra attention to your joints, especially elbows. Get a skin specific moisturizer, and for this you should perhaps talk to your salon advisor.


Apply a little aloe vera gel with cold pressed coconut right after a shower over the entire body for super nourished skin. A daily multivitamin will work the additional magic you need, especially if you are dieting to your wedding.


Dear face, let’s face it

 Spa Facial Mask.Dayspa

Let’s face it, nothing will contribute to your bridal look more than your face. And no foundation can do absolute wonders if there are pronounced acne and blemishes on your face. Here is the 4-step routine you need to follow without fail – cleanse, exfoliate, tone, moisturize. The super foods we mentioned earlier are just as important to getting a healthy facial skin. Also, go for regular facial schedules, after talking thoroughly to your salon expert about your skin type and the problems your facial skin faces.


Don’t forget to Tangerine up your wedding prep!


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest bride of all? Well, that’s the bride who takes care of herself, doesn’t miss out on salon schedules, and listens to her body. While you get started with the self prep to be your best bridal self, help us take care of the rest of it.

Get in touch with Tangerine at +91 (141) 2223744 / 6555661 to know about our bridal makeup packages and care regimes. You can also get in touch with us on Facebook on


Tangerine’s winter guide to wellness and beauty

Ugg boots are out, so are jackets, mittens, stoles and cardigans. And we reckon, lip balm, cold cream and jars of body lotion. Everyone’s favourite season is here, and while you enjoy the nippy chill in the air, here are a few quick tips to remain warm and well this winter.

good looks winter

Beauty goals this winter

Moisturize like your life depends on it

moisturize 1

Go ahead. Take a dollop extra if you want.

Stock up on your favourite creams, and use copiously, especially after you have done a cleansing ritual. Dry skin is one of the few issues with winter months, but a quality moisturizer is the perfect solution to all chapped woes. Richer, thicker skin creams usually fit the bill for winter skincare. Do keep a lookout for breakouts – using incompatible brands can lead to blocked pores. For holistic care of your skin, visit Tangerine for skincare treatments. Winter demands you go that extra mile.


Don’t forget to drink water

It’s easy to forget to drink water when one isn’t sweating. But the body, especially the skin in particular, requires hydration, even in the coldest of winters. Install a water reminder app, or just keep a bottle in your sight. Add a dash of lemon for the extra detox effect.

water drinking app

Go smart. Use reminder apps to drink water regularly.

Take care of those locks Rapunzel

Hair can get distressed in winter, especially under a woollen cap worn over a long duration. Soothe your stricken mane with warm coconut oil onto the scalp. Leave the oil overnight and then shampoo+condition in the morning. For specialised hair care, check out Tangerine’s exhaustive range of hair products and hair treatment procedures. Consult our hair expert for more details.

winter hair

Winter doesn’t mean gloomy hair. Take extra care of those tresses in these months.

Turn down the heat

Keep the shower temperature as lukewarm as you can afford. Steaming hot water strips your skin and hair of natural oils, and leaves you itchy and dry. It doesn’t mean that you have to punish yourself with icecold water every time you bathe. Just keep your bathing time short and sweet to minimize the damage. Let’s shift bathroom singing to some other venue, shall we?


For skin right out of tropics, you musy use lukewarm bathing water.

Under all the leather and wool, wear something soft and gentle

Dressing up stylishly during the winters is always a cakewalk. Of course, a cake with lot of layers. We all love to spend hours in front of the mirror mixing and matching between all the sassy boots, decadent jackets, stylish scarves and so much more. But make sure the innermost layer is a soft and gentle garment. Invest in premium thermalwear, and avoid abrasive woollens in touch with your skin.

winter layers

Stay comfortable outside, and within.

To know more about caring for skin and hair during the winter, as well as for styling guidance during the season, get in touch with Tangerine the Boutique Salon. We are present in Civil Lines, Jaipur. You can also drop in a message on our Facebook page,

Five post Holi tips to care for your hair and skin

Back from the outdoors? We are sure you had a good time getting drenched, splashed and sprinkled with the colours of rainbow and beyond. But now that the festivities are over, the ordeal to remove the colours and clean yourself up begins.

So just in case you need a few handy tips, here are a few.

Get your glowing skin and shining hair back with these easy tips

Get your glowing skin and shining hair back with these easy tips

1. Rinsing your hair

Don’t apply shampoo directly. First rinse off as much colour as you can directly with water. Chemicals in the colours can react with the shampoo and cause damage, so first remove as much as you can.

Rinse your hair with cold water before shampooing

2. A quick hair mask

Make a simple hair mask with curd, ripe banana, egg yolk and few fenugreek seeds. Keep your hair masked for 30 minutes. Honey, olive oil can also be used for deep conditioning to rejuvenate hair after the colour onslaught.

Easy home-made hair mask to rejuvenate hair after Holi

3. Removing colours

First stand under cold water for a few minutes, follow it by softly rubbing with olive oil dipped in cotton. If the colours are stubborn, do not rub or scrub. It can cause breaks in the epidermal cells, and cause long term dryness. Use curd to soften the skin. Here is an effective exfoliating mix to bring the colours off.

1 tbsp of gram flour, bran, sandalwood powder, fresh cream, olive oil, orange juice, and a little turmeric powder. This power packed mixture exfoliates, moisturises and cleanses your skin, and will not just bring off all the colours but leave your face and body with a soft glow.

A simple face mask for your face to take all the grime away!

4. Caring for skin in the days to come

Apply Multani mitti pack every alternate day to keep your skin radiant and supple.

multani mitti (fuller's earth)

multani mitti (fuller’s earth)

5. Simple is good

Don’t go for skin treatments like waxing, facials or apply heavy make-up for two to three days after Holi. Your skin is sensitive and these treatments can cause an irritation. Stick to your standard moisturizer and avoid anything much! Of course, next weekend don’t forget to book your appointment for a thorough pampering session at Tangerine the Boutique Salon

P.S – In case you are facing any itch, redness or irritation while taking the colours off, rush to the doctor immediately.

We hope you had a good Holi!

Happy Holi!

Happy Holi!

Jaipur’s favourite salon is here!

That’s how we began in the nippy winter of 2014, spreading freshness and warmth in the lovely city of Jaipur.

We are Tangerine, a boutique salon. Pink city, as Jaipur is called, is known for its beauty, not just the architecture and heritage, but also its residents – a bunch of absolutely happy, beautiful people. We are delighted to serve them!

For months before December, we were toiling hard, putting in tremendous efforts along with a team of designers and experts to create Jaipur’s finest address of beauty services. All the hard work led to a perfect beginning to our journey. The salon was inaugurated by none other than Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur.



The salon has been buzzing ever since with patrons pouring in. Appreciations, positive reviews, and  most of all, the love has been overwhelming. Our services include hair styling, hair spa and treatment, skin rituals, nail services, and various other regimes, touching every point of well-being and beauty care. Together with world-class facilities and a team of trained professionals, we try to imbibe perfection in all that we do. An in-house café is just another of the many extended services we have carefully added to our repertoire to make Tangerine experience a truly unique, holistic, and memorable one for every customer.

Cafe in the salon

Cafe in the salon

Lounge in while your appointment comes

Lounge in while your appointment comes


Tangerine is not just a salon. It is an experience. The ultimate beauty and styling destination in Jaipur, Tangerine is the choice of the city’s who’s who. And that who, definitely includes you! If you have already visited Tangerine, we would love to hear back your experiences. If you haven’t, please drop by.


We are at – 5 Ghanerao House, Jacob Street, Civil Lines, Jaipur

Also don’t forget to follow us on Facebook We keep sharing interesting tips and lifestyle cues that you would love.

Exfoliate with orange, just another tip!

Exfoliate with orange, just another tip!